About Me

Laura is just your average 20-something Down Home Darling from the Deep South. She graduated from the Best Little University in Mississippi with a major in Communication and a minor in Fast Talking.

Shortly thereafter, Laura married her college sweetheart, a nurse practitioner candidate, and they spent the first few years of marriage dealing with the curve balls that life throws you (ie. house fire, spontaneous moves from one state to another and back again, job loss, infertility) without losing their sense of humor.

In April of 2013, Laura and David embarked on the wild and wonderful ride that is domestic open adoption, and they hope to bring home Baby Riley in late July. Oh, Those Prestwiches! chronicles their journey in dealing with infertility and navigating the waters of adoption.

In her spare time, Laura cultivates an unhealthy obsession with Instagram, has eleventy-billion tattoos, two facial piercings her dad would like to remove with rusty pliers, and attempts to plaster chevron on anything that stands still long enough.

In her working hours, Laura operates a small business, Laura Prestwich Designs, providing services that range from merchandise design, brand consultation, photography, and public relations. You can find her work at http://www.lprestwichdesigns.com.